Ruben Illa

Stand for Stan Lee

Here is a poster and illustration that I was tasked with creating for an event that honors the legend Stan Lee. 

Stand for Stan Lee is an evening dedicated to community and appreciation for co-creator of
Marvel’s key characters. The night will include a speaker and testimonials, along with artistic opportunity. Donation will be requested to enter – suggested donation will be $5, and all proceeds will go to the Stan Lee Foundation.

Stan Lee and the Marvel community are recognized by various nationalities and ages. Stan’s impact is one that can be seen in a child’s eyes as they dress as Marvel characters or in the nostalgia heard when speaking to older fans who recall premiers of these beloved characters. Our goal, through collaboration and community, is to advertise a space for audiences to revisit how Stan impacted them, connect these thoughts and emotions, then transfer that connection in a venue that will be permanently attached to Stan’s legacy.

This event is approved and sponsored by the Stan Lee Foundation.

Here is the Instagram promotion for the flyer.